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Time to step back into the driver's seat of your life.....

Life passes quickly and unless you take control of the destination you may end up in a location that doesn't make you happy. Time to take responsibility and control of your own happiness. With some simple strategies outlined in this Masterclass you will stop playing the victim, start taking action and become the designer of your own life #LifeDesigner2018


Day 1


  • Focus on What you Want

Day 2:


  • There is always time (full video)

Day 3:


  • Attitude is Everything

Day 4: Bonus Content


  • 7 Success Habits
  • Bonus Goal Setting Worksheets

About Your Instructor

Ciara Conlon

Ciara Conlon

Instructor Title

Ciara Conlon is a Leadership Coach and has spent the last ten years helping people become happier and more successful. She does this through online coaching programmes, corporate training and coaching and through her books and events. She is a professional speaker and author of two books. Chaos to Control, a practical guide to getting things done and Productivity for Dummies. Ciara describes herself as a naturally disorganised person who through the use of productivity tools, positive rituals and focused work has transformed her life from being unhappy and frustrated to having a life full of joy and success. Ciara lives in Dublin, Ireland with her husband, two out of three sons and their golden retriever Kobie.

Some Helpful Tips

Focus on Priorities

Practise Gratitude

Positive Attitude

Plan your Time

Be Present

Take Aligned Action


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